Sizing can be one of the most difficult parts of buying jewelry online.

Here are some tips on making sure your purchase is comfortable and a correct fit.

Finding your ring size

If you are not certain of your ring sizes you can order a sizer (1$ with free shipping) through our web store, visit a local jeweler to be sized or follow our chart via the button below to measure an existing ring.

Fluctuating size through the year
  • Fingers tend to swell in the heat and shrink in the cold, this should be kept in mind while taking your size. Make sure you are not overly swollen or shrunken when measuring your size.
Feeling for fit
  • While sizing ideally you want the band to be snug enough so there is a little resistance on your knuckles when taking off and putting on. While on the ring should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable and not so loose that it slips off with movement.
Adjusting size due to style
  • Please keep in mind that the taller the ring is or the more rings you have stacked the smaller they may fit. A tall stack of size 8 rings will feel smaller than a single size 8 ring being worn.
Size and Versatility
  • If possible I suggest getting a ring that is a little tight on some fingers and a little loose on others. That way you can have options to wear it during the size changes you experience through out the year.
Try on in person
  • The best way to see if a ring fits is to try it on in person. Especially since two rings of the same size may fit differently depending on their design.

  • If you are in the Philadelphia area you can come see me at one of the many show I vend through the year. There I can help size you, you can try the rings on and see how they feel. This is the best way to ensure that you get a ring you are happy and comfortable with.
Still uncertain on your size?

Shoot us an email at and we will be happy to talk you through it.

Jewelry Care and Material Info.

Taking proper care of your jewelry can help assure you extend the life of your pieces to the fullest.

Why choose Gold Fill?
  • Gold fill is a layer of gold fused to and surrounding a base metal. This gives you the benefit of gold but at a lesser cost.

  • The Gold Fill layer is a thicker and stronger bond than plating and will not chip off over time. It is strong enough for years of everyday wear.

  • Gold fill is hypo allergenic and gold itself is antimicrobial. Jewelry made with golf fill is easy to wear and clean.
Our recycled metal use and eco studio practices
  • Currently we use as much recycled metal as we can. At the moment about 85% of our metal is recycled, we hope to grow this as we find sourcing for the other 15%.

  • Jewelry made with non recycled metals will be noted in their listings.

  • Currently our necklace chains and earring backs are not recycled.

  • We work to have minimal toxins in our studio and have replaced traditionaly used toxic chemicals in favor of less harmful alternatives. We are cautious of our waste that is produced and use recycled materials for our packaging.

  • We try to sell and source as locally as possible.

Following these care tips will help make sure you will be able to enjoy your pieces for years and years to come.

Water safe
  • MESC jewelry can be worn in the shower, at the beach, in the gym and kept on while washing. The finish will not wear off.
Chemical Exposure
  • It is advised to limit the amount of time your pieces are in contact with chlorinated water and other chemicals as they can lead your your jewelry dulling.

  • The same goes for abrasive activities such as sanding and working with clay or grout.
  • If pieces are stored long term they may need to be brightened back up, this may not be as frequent if being worn daily.

  • If pieces do need to be brightened back up a polishing cloth can be used to shine them and remove any tarnish. A soft cloth with some tooth paste has worked for me in a pinch. I offer a Sunshine brand polishing cloth for sale in my shop, this is my preferred method.

  • Sometimes overly acidic skin can cause pieces to tarnish quicker. These individuals may need to polish their jewelry more often.

  • When not wearing your jewelry keep it stored away in an special place designated for it like a small dish, jewelry box or pouch. Regularly putting your jewelry away when taking off will help it stay cleaner, keep chains untangled and you will be less likely to misplace it.

  • Throwing your rings in a random change bowl, car cup holder or side table with other metals and knick knacks will cause your jewelry to tarnish quicker, chains to tangle and you will be more likely to loose them.