Sizing your fingers

Sizing can be one of the most difficult parts of buying a ring, here are some tips on making sure your purchase is comfortable and well fitting. 


- If you don’t know your ring sizes you can order a sizer (1$ with free shipping) in my web store through the button below or visit a local jeweler to be sized.

- Half sizes and sizes outside our range offered upon request for most designs. If interested please contact

- While sizing you want the band to be snug enough so there is a little resistance on your knuckles when taking off and putting on. While on it should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable and not so loose that it slips off with movement.

- Fingers tend to swell in the heat and shrink in the cold, this should be kept in mind while taking your size. Make sure you are not overly swollen or shrunken when measuring your size.

- If possible I usually suggest getting a ring that is a little tight on some fingers and a little loose on others. That way you can have options to wear it during the size changes you experience through out the year.

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Material and Care

Taking proper care of your jewelry can help assure you extend the life of your pieces to the fullest. Here are some of the do's and dont's of caring for your mesc pieces to help make sure you will be able to enjoy them for years and years to come. 


- MESC uses recycled sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold filled metals. Gold fill is a layer of gold deposited over a base metal, it has 100x the amount of gold then plating and is a much stronger bond. Gold fill will not tarnish or wear off over time like plated jewelry sometimes can.

- MESC jewelry is made for everyday wear. Rings, earrings and necklaces (on non-plated chains) can be worn in the shower and kept on while washing. The finish will not wearing off. If pieces are stored for awhile they may need to be brightened back up with a polishing cloth, this should not be the case if being worn daily.

- It is advised to limit the amount of time your pieces are in contact with chlorinated water or other chemicals as they maybe dulled by this. 

- If pieces need to be brightened back up a polishing cloth can be used to shine them and remove any silver tarnish. A soft cloth with some tooth paste has worked for me in a pinch. I offer a Sunshine brand polishing cloth for sale in my shop, this is my preferred method.

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